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Calling all players! (Well, not all! Those interested in D&D 3.5 would be nice.)

I’m looking to run regular live sessions using Skype (and possible availability for those that might be looking to join me in person from the area.) I am looking for roughly 4-6 players to join us on this campaign. To get things rolling, I think we will start with one of my favorite D&D adventures “The Sunless Citadel”.

I am looking for a very relaxed group of players that enjoys RP as much as battle scenarios. I will accept special scenarios for things like Forgotten Realms ideas/themes and some D&D 4E ideas/themes. We’ll work together to bring together a unique but balanced party for everyone to enjoy. Please feel free to reach out to me as we work to get this campaign off the ground.

Session Details:
Prospective Times: Saturday evenings (EST) & Sunday anytime
Frequency: Once per Week or Once Every Other Week
Starting Level: 1

Home Page

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